♡ Escapades to Happiness ♡

Happiness comes in many forms—books, music, friends, food, et cetera—and no one form is better than the other. We go through a lot of things every day, and though we may say that not every day is a happy day, there are little things that we don’t really appreciate enough.

I’m not a person who is always happy, I’ll admit that. But just like everyone else, I want to be happy. I do a lot of things only for the sake of happiness and nothing more. There are things that we will only learn through experiences, and since life is evanescent, I figured I wouldn’t want to miss any chance to happiness that I get.

I will write on this blog so that someday, when I’m sad and tired or uninspired, I can go and read through this to inspire me and maybe even motivate me to live and to write and to enjoy the little things in life.