“We accept the love we think we deserve”

It’s true. And it’s mostly because we never realize that we can be so much more. This afternoon I got a call from my friend, the moment I heard her voice I knew something was wrong.

She was crying and it was the first time that I heard her cry like that. She came from a nasty break-up some six months ago with her one-year-long boyfriend and the thing is the guy was her best friend before they became a couple. Apparently the guy promised her that they’ll be best friends again and she kept waiting, but the thing is, the guy told her that he doesn’t want her anymore but he’s not closing the possibility of the two of them becoming friends again, and she kept trying but he kept telling her that maybe another month more.

I think he is being very unfair to her because he is like keeping her on reserve, and here she is waiting and waiting. Now she’s trying to move on from him, but she’s having relapses and finally she broke down.

The thing is, I have watched my friends fall in love, get into relationships, and make the same mistakes over and over again since high school. They never realize that they are so much more than the jerk they are dating, and they tend to just accept the pain because they think they might never find someone again. And that same thing is happening to the friend I have mentioned above. It’s really sad and I really don’t know what I can tell her to make her feel better because all she’s doing is running away from the pain but what that does is that it just builds up inside of her, until one day she will have to break down, like today, because it’s all too much.