How do you make a writer happy?

Okay, so I’m not a published writer (yet). I mean, I don’t even know if I would ever get to write a book or if I’ll ever get published, but I still think of myself as a writer. As to what kind of writer, I still don’t know yet.

Anyway, I’ve been writing some things since I don’t know when. I am very self-critical (not in a good way) about my writing, so I never really show it to anyone–save for a couple of my friends. Yesterday though, after a deliberate weighing of the pros and cons of showing it to my sister, I decided to stop over-thinking it and just show it to her. It turned out okay, as she said she loved my writing. And that really made me happy. I guess one way to make a writer happy is feedback, or even just the fact that someone read his/her work.

Another way to make a writer happy is being published–whether online or on a physical copy. A few months ago, my friends and I were talking about applying for the university paper. They were encouraging me to apply for the Literature section. I didn’t try though, because I wasn’t sure if I can keep up with the deadlines (I have enough problems, thank you very much) and also because I’m not sure I’m good enough. I’ve been thinking about it since March, and I’m still not sure.

What else? Reading a book makes a writer happy (or at least this writer). Reading helps improve your vocabulary and even writing, and besides, reading is a very enjoyable activity (which I suppose you agree with, since you’re reading this).

Another thing that makes me happy is when I get an idea and the words just keep flowing and I just keep writing, until no more words come out. That makes me really happy. The list goes on and on. What about you? What makes you happy?

7 thoughts on “How do you make a writer happy?

  1. lifevv says:

    Your so right. I write quite a lot but I used to hate having other people judge it so I wouldn’t show it to that many people. That’s why I started publishing my work online, because I thought it would be easier to get feedback that way. I was sort of scared of getting bad feedback. Also I totally get you. After I have read a good book my vocabulary always seems to be better and my sentence flow much better as well.

      • lifevv says:

        I know and you can get so much good research from it. Since everyone says write what you know and sometimes it’s difficult expressing characters emotion if you yourself haven’t ever been in that situation. So by looking at other peoples work you can get ideas about the best techniques and how to being out those feelings on paper.

      • lifevv says:

        Yeah and you can get so much great research done that way. Since they always say write what you know, but sometimes it can be difficult bringing forth some of the emotions of a character if you have never experienced whatever situation that they are in. But by looking at other peoples work you can get an idea maybe what techniques to use in order to make sure that those feelings are presented in the best way.

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