9/28/2014 Alive

It was right there at the unfinished bridge, the sun just seconds from setting, with the three people I loved the most, that I realized this is it. This is the moment I am truly alive, this is the moment that I am not just bones and loneliness, this is the moment that I am real and breathing and happy, this is the moment I’ll always remember when I think of the four of us—no matter where we might be years from now. This is what I’ll always go back to, the four of us sitting on an unfinished bridge, alive and content and happy.


9/3/2014 All I ever cared about was you

Some things we do
Some things we don’t
Some things we wish we did
Some things we wish we never did

Of all the things I wish I could undo
Of all the things that I regret
Knowing you
Loving you

I’d like to think I’m tolerable
Like when it came to knowing you
And being hurt so many times
I let that go unsaid

But when it came to loving you
No matter what, that is
It was no longer pain, it was like hell
It was like losing a part of yourself

It was losing the capability to reason when it came to you
It was losing the will to fight the feeling of falling
It was losing the instinct to look out for yourself
Because frankly, all I ever cared about was you