Dreamer 3/11/2015

What is it you want most in the world? Are you pursuing it? Are you still planning to? Or are you already just a few steps away from the realization of your dreams?

The future is still so vague. It is simultaneously close and out-of-reach, scary and exciting. At whatever point you may be in life, you can never truly say that the future is just close or just scary. It is simultaneously everything and nothing.

How close are you to your dream? Do we ever say “this is it” when it comes to our dream? Does our dream come with a start and end point? The truth is, no matter how much time we spend pursuing our dream, we can never truly say that we have achieved it, until it is too late for us to appreciate it in all its simple glory. We do not see an end point in our dream.

So, does that mean that we have to live the rest of our lives unhappy? Uncontented? No.

We must always remember to find happiness even in the midst of pursuing our dreams. We must not only yearn for the happiness we will achieve once we accomplish everything we want to accomplish.

Dreamer, you will not be happier when you get somewhere else. Do not stop pursuing whatever it is you want the most, but remember that as long as you try to look for happiness somewhere else, you will never be happy with wherever you are.

Dreamer, what I’m trying to tell you is that: allow yourself to fly if you want to go higher, even if you have to make your own wings to do so, but, remember to treasure the moments in-between your attempts to fly so that if you find yourself unable to fly, you will not be unhappy nor will you feel that your life spent pursuing it was a failure.

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