6/19/2016 Unabashed

When people look at you
They see a happy man
As you unabashedly smile
And tell your stories:
People you’ve met
Places you’ve been
Things you’ve seen
Flavors you’ve tasted

You’ve always looked happy
No matter what you’re going through
Your unabashed smile remains

But I see your unabashed smile
And I know that it’s a little shy

I know that—
No matter how big or small—
New experiences still shake you

Though it’s not unabashed
Your eyes light up
When you smile your shy smile

Though not unabashed,
Though not perfect,
You still manage to smile
Your smile that’s still a little shy

And I know that—
No matter what—
You are a happy man, anyway

I wrote this for my dad. Happy Father’s Day 🙂


5/13/2016 I tried to come home, but I’ve already lost it

I guess
I was
too comfortable
with you

I forgot
you were never
really a part
of me,
just another
temporary happiness

I guess
I thought
I’ll always have you,
I’ll always be at home
with you

I forgot
you were never
my home,
just another
temporary escape

I guess
I let
myself believe
in your comforting words
when you told me
I was home.