10/4/2014 Façade

In this limited life
Spent on the pursuit of happiness
And the discovery of oneself
Maybe we have wasted too much time

Maybe we let the promise of happiness blind us
And settled for temporary pleasures
Maybe we let the fear of dying get to us
And mistook comfort for bliss

Maybe we should’ve been living
Not for the sake of just being alive
Not for the sake of collecting memories and moments
But for the sake of feeling alive and happy and content

Maybe we shouldn’t have ignored
The throbbing feeling in our chests
Maybe we shouldn’t have avoided
The gut-wrenching decisions we had to make

Because in our evanescent lives
We ignored the real things
And chased after fake butterflies
Even when we knew they were fake all along

And we tried so hard
To mask our pain and melancholy
With a stiff smile and a happy façade
And we shouldn’t have

We thought we were living
By avoiding the horrible parts of life
And putting up a beautiful façade
Of a life we didn’t allow ourselves to have


9/28/2014 Alive

It was right there at the unfinished bridge, the sun just seconds from setting, with the three people I loved the most, that I realized this is it. This is the moment I am truly alive, this is the moment that I am not just bones and loneliness, this is the moment that I am real and breathing and happy, this is the moment I’ll always remember when I think of the four of us—no matter where we might be years from now. This is what I’ll always go back to, the four of us sitting on an unfinished bridge, alive and content and happy.

How do you make a writer happy?

Okay, so I’m not a published writer (yet). I mean, I don’t even know if I would ever get to write a book or if I’ll ever get published, but I still think of myself as a writer. As to what kind of writer, I still don’t know yet.

Anyway, I’ve been writing some things since I don’t know when. I am very self-critical (not in a good way) about my writing, so I never really show it to anyone–save for a couple of my friends. Yesterday though, after a deliberate weighing of the pros and cons of showing it to my sister, I decided to stop over-thinking it and just show it to her. It turned out okay, as she said she loved my writing. And that really made me happy. I guess one way to make a writer happy is feedback, or even just the fact that someone read his/her work.

Another way to make a writer happy is being published–whether online or on a physical copy. A few months ago, my friends and I were talking about applying for the university paper. They were encouraging me to apply for the Literature section. I didn’t try though, because I wasn’t sure if I can keep up with the deadlines (I have enough problems, thank you very much) and also because I’m not sure I’m good enough. I’ve been thinking about it since March, and I’m still not sure.

What else? Reading a book makes a writer happy (or at least this writer). Reading helps improve your vocabulary and even writing, and besides, reading is a very enjoyable activity (which I suppose you agree with, since you’re reading this).

Another thing that makes me happy is when I get an idea and the words just keep flowing and I just keep writing, until no more words come out. That makes me really happy. The list goes on and on. What about you? What makes you happy?

♡ Escapades to Happiness ♡

Happiness comes in many forms—books, music, friends, food, et cetera—and no one form is better than the other. We go through a lot of things every day, and though we may say that not every day is a happy day, there are little things that we don’t really appreciate enough.

I’m not a person who is always happy, I’ll admit that. But just like everyone else, I want to be happy. I do a lot of things only for the sake of happiness and nothing more. There are things that we will only learn through experiences, and since life is evanescent, I figured I wouldn’t want to miss any chance to happiness that I get.

I will write on this blog so that someday, when I’m sad and tired or uninspired, I can go and read through this to inspire me and maybe even motivate me to live and to write and to enjoy the little things in life.